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Jul 28, 2020

Recently, Wazhou Group has signed the world's largest single-row tapered bearing order for automobile transmission systems with well-known American automobile manufacturers and auto parts companies. The order cycle can last at least until 2018, and annual sales can exceed 100 million yuan. This has also become a stepping stone for the Wazhou Group to enter the world-class auto parts market.

    In July 2014, Wazhou Group accepted orders from a US auto company. In November, US users conducted a review of the production line of the automotive bearing project for the Wazhou Group, arguing that the production capacity of the production line equipment can meet its capacity requirements and can be put into mass production. Beginning in December, users requested that the tile axis achieve a rapid supply of parts of the project. In April this year, the project was fully launched, and the high-end automotive bearing production line of Wazhou Group was fully produced to meet the supporting needs of the project.

    The trend of “returning manufacturing” and reducing costs in the international market has brought high-end bearing export opportunities to Wazhou Group. Focusing on breaking through high-end products and breaking through the international market, we will highlight innovation drive, accelerate structural adjustment, and take new steps in the internationalization strategy. Cooperation with world-renowned companies such as Europe, the United States and Japan has continued to expand. Industrial equipment bearings are exported to Germany, Japan, Italy and other oem host markets, and high-quality automotive bearing exports continue to increase. At the same time, the international research and development capability of the Wazhou Group has been continuously improved. On the basis of accelerating the construction of the national large-scale bearing engineering technology research center, the American Engineering Technology Center of the Wazhou Axis was established, and the European R&D Center of the Wazhou Axis was established; the benchmarking activities with the world advanced level were carried out; A number of international standards have passed the audit and certification, obtained the international market pass, and entered the international well-known enterprise supply chain system. At present, the high-end automotive bearings produced by Wazhou Group have expanded to the main channel market of Asia-Pacific and Europe, and have entered the international high-end car bearing supply chain platform.

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