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  • Odyssey Control Arm
    Odyssey Control Arm

    OEM NO. 51350-SHJ-A03 51360-SHJ-A03
    Fits to 2007-2010 Honda Odyssey 3.5L

  • Civic Lower Arm
    Civic Lower Arm

    OEM NO. 51350-TR8-P01 51360-TR8-P01
    Fits to 2012 Honda Civic

  • Odyssey Lower Arm
    Odyssey Lower Arm

    OEM NO. 51350-S0X-A01 51360-S0X-A01
    Fits to 1999-2004 Honda Odyssey

  • CRV Suspension Arm
    CRV Suspension Arm

    OEM NO. 51350-S9A-A01 51360-S9A-A01
    Fits to 2002-2004 Honda CRV

  • Odyssey Suspension Arm
    Odyssey Suspension Arm

    OEM NO. 51350-SHJ-A01 51360-SHJ-A01
    Fits to 2005-2006 Honda Odyssey

  • Control Arm 52510 TA0 A02
    Control Arm 52510 TA0 A02

    OEM NO. 52510-TA0-A02
    Fits to 09-14 TSX 08-12 Accord P/S REAR of Car Upper Control Arm With Ball Joint 621306
    Use Aftermarket