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What does suspension parts do
Jul 28, 2020

1, So that cars driving on poor road conditions on the road 10km Park, hands off the shock absorber housing, if hot enough, indicating internal resistance of shock absorber, shock absorbers do not work. At this time, may join the appropriate lubricant, try the experiment, if housing fever, shock absorber oil, should add enoughoil; otherwise, indicating defective shock absorber.

2, Firmly press the bumper, and then release it, if the vehicle has two or three jumps, then shock absorbers work well.

3, When the cars slow traffic and emergency braking, if the sharp of automobile vibration, that shock absorber has a problem.

4, Remove the shock absorber to erect it, and connect the bottom loop on the clamp in the vise, pull pressure damping Rod several times at these stable resistance,pull up the resistance should be greater than the downward pressure of resistance, such as unstable or drag resistance, shock absorber oil starvation or valve partsmay be damaged, repair or replacement of parts should be carried out.

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