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What does suspension parts do
Jul 28, 2020

To speed up the frame and body vibration attenuation to improve vehicle ride comfort (comfort), in most of the car's suspension system with shock absorbers.

Automotive shock absorber system is jointly formed by the springs and shock absorbers. Shock absorber is not used to support the body's weight, but is used to suppress the spring rebound after shock-absorbing shocks and absorb road impact energy. Spring a moderating impact, "energy shock" to "low energy impact", and shock absorbers are progressively "small energy shock" reduced. If you are driving a shock absorber is broken car, you can feel the car through each hole, rollingaftershocks after bouncing and shock absorber is used to suppress this spring. Without shock absorbers cannot control spring rally when the car encounters roughpavement could have a serious bounce, also because when cornering springs andshocks and tire grip and loss of traction.

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