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Mr992871 Power Steering Pump

Model NO.: MR992871
OEM: Mr992871
Car Make: Mitsubishi
Model: L200

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Product Description

2) OEM NO.: MR992871
3) Fits to: Mitsubishi L200 Pick Up B40
4) Condition:New
5) Size: Standard/OEM
6) Use: Aftermarket
7) OEM&ODM: Acceptable
8) Logistics Company: Appointed by You or Us
9) Express Company: DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, EMX, etc.
10) Export Markets: Global
11) Packing: Neutral Plastic Bag and Neutral Outer Carton, or according to client's request.
12) Shipping Terms: FOB, CNF, CIF
13) Export Port: Xiamen Port, Customer appointed port is acceptable
14) Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
15) Sample Time: 3-10days
16) Sample: Charge
17) Delivery Detail: Within 15-60 days upon customer

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: neutral packing or depend on your order

Delivery Detail: within 15days after confirmation


Competitive Advantages:

1.Used good raw material and advanced technology ensure high quality of steering rack;

2.High quality makes sure long usage life;

3.Various types and different car models can provide.

Main Products:  Steering Rack, Power steering pump, Brake master cylinder, Clutch master cylinder, Clutch slave cylinder, CV joint Kit, Steering boot, Suspension bush, Engine Mount ,Tie rod joint , All kinds of rubber parts.


In order to better serve you,please kindly provide us your car Make or OEM parts number,

If you are not sure these parts will fit your car, please contact us for technical support

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44310-0K020    KUN40\1KD 2KD    44310-0K050    GGN15 GGN50 GRJ120   1GR 2G    

44310-28051    TCR10 TCR20                 44310-35500    KZN185 KZJ95 1KZ    

44310-36190    14B BU91 95\DYNA200    44310-52020    NCP10.NCP12.NCP13   NCP61    

44310-60420    HDJ100 1HD    44310-60470    GRJ200    

44310-60480    UZJ200\1UZ 6PK               44310-60500    VDJ200 1VD                   

VDJ200   1VD                   CE100.CT190 2C            44320-12320    AE101 AE100\4A    

44320-14111    RX81\22R                     44320-60171    1HZ,HZJ HZB   HDJ80           

44320-60182    FZJ80 1FZ                44320-60270    VZJ95 3400 5VZ    

44320-60370    FZJ100 1FZ             4450A158-A    V73 V75 V77 09    

4450A158-ZXY    V75 V73    49110-11J00    TD42. Y60.W41    

49110-40U15    A32 A33.VQ30.VQ25   VQ35       49110-8H800    T30\YD22                     

49110-PA200    N16Z\SR20           49110-VB500    TB42.TB48.TB45.Y61.         

49110-VK100    D22 E25 Y60 ZD30    4M513K514CD    FKS M3\2.0           

56100-PGM-053    RA6                         56110-P2A-013    EK3\RD1    

56110-P8C-A01    CG1/ 3.0    56110-POA-013    CD4 CD5                     

56110-R40-P02    CP2 2.4                     56110-R60-P02    CP1 2.0    

56110-R70-A12    CM6 CP3\3.0    56110-RFE-003    RB1    

56110-RTA-003    RE4 CRV    57100-2D101    SNT2.0\YLT 2.0    

57100-5H000    4D31.4D32.    7C193A696AC    V348\QS    

B25D-32-650    FML\PLM\1.6                 B26K-32-650    PLM\1.8 FML                 

1S7C3A696AJ    MDO   2.5       1S7C3A674AD    1S7C3A674AD-A    

MC090259    6D16.FUSO                   MN100472    OLD CU4/4G69                 

MR267657    V43.V33 6G72    MR418566    V73    

MR418625    6G72.K96W.SP    MR448159    V43 V45 6G74    

MR992873    L200.SP.4M41 4M40    MR995025    L200\KA5T KB5T   4G64         

YC1C3A674EA    QS   2.0               MR267661    V46\4M40    

MB501281    L300.L200.K34T.L047.4D56    UR56-32-600    BT50.UN\TU\WL   MAZDA         

49110-WA610    N16\QG18 QG16 QG20    44310-05010    AT190.AT220 ZF     

49110-9W100    J31.VQ23/VQ35/               J31.VQ23/VQ35/               FX50\S51.VK50 VQ35   VQ37     

49110-CG200    FX45\S50 VK45   VQ35           44310-BZ010    F601\K3.1300CC   SY           

44320-35520    LN147 RZN147 1RZ   3L       49110-0M000    B14   B13\GA14.GA16           

49110-7N900    N16\QG20 QG16   QG18           B456-32-600G    MX3.EC323 4PK               

MR267660    4D56\V34 V44\V43             MR374897    L200\4D56\K74.K64           

8-97946694-0    DMAX 4JJ1\WSL    34430-FG040    SBR.WRX 10-    

BN9R-32-600    M3/1.6    44310-0D030    SCP40 3SZ VC(02-06)     

44320-0C030    UCK35 2UZ    49110-AG300    Y34 VQ25 VQ30               

44310-60490    URJ200,1UR,2UR.5700         44320-35250    LN106   LN/85/86.2L.3L         

44320-35610    UZJ100 GX470 02-09     44320-60161    FJ80(90-92)3F    

7H0422153F    TRVW.T5    44320-27021    2C CM40 CR21   CR27           

44320-30280    MS132.5M.BJ62.FJ62     57100-1G000    G4EE.G4ED.1.6 YST.RO    

XS6C3A674LC    JNH 1.8               56110-RAA-A01    CM4 CM5 RD5 (03-05)    

49110-0E000    U13\SR20    56110-RAA-A01    CM4 CM5 CL9(03-05)    

56110-RAA-A02    CM5 CM4   CL9(06-07)           7H0422153A    T5\TR.Q7    

6L8Z3A696B    YH.03-04               MR374895    L200.4M40 K77.K67    

44320-33140    MCV30\ES300 1MZ       EG21-32-690    M6 CX7 B70    

49110-0W000    R50 VG33         44320-26074    LH101 LH125 3L 5L    

44320-30520    2JZ.1JZ.JZS155.JZS133       49110-5T100    TD25 TD27 QD32   BD25         

44320-60320    UZJ100 LX470   4700           44320-0K020    5L 3L         

49110-JR500    D40T.QR25.47'(03-12)         MR910913    DA2A.4G93 LS    

MB636520    V34V V43W\4D56\    44320-22480    1G-FE\GS151    

4450A014    CW6W OLD 6B31               49100-81A20    JMN    

49110-JN30A    J32.Z51(MR20DE)             G211-32-600D    GD626    

MR455402    H76 H77 4G94   \2.0           MR491671    LS.CS5 CS6.4G94   N84         

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