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What does suspension parts do
Jul 28, 2020

In order to make the frame and body of the oscillation decays rapidly, improving the car's ride and comfort, vehicle suspension system are generally equipped withshock absorbers, car is double acting telescopic shock absorber.

Shock absorbers are wearing parts for automobile use, shock absorbers work is good or bad, will affect vehicle stability and other parts of life, so we should make shock absorbers are often in good working condition. Inspection shock absorbersavailable following method does work well.

1. Car driving on poor road conditions on the road 10km Park, hands off the shock absorber housing, if hot enough, indicating internal resistance of shock absorber,shock absorbers do not work. At this time, may join the appropriate lubricant, try the experiment, if housing fever, shock absorber oil, add a little oil or shows shock absorber failure.

2. Firmly press the bumper, and then release it, if the vehicle has two or three jumps, then shock absorbers work well.

3. When a car driving slowly during emergency braking, if the sharp of automobilevibration, that shock absorber has a problem.

4. Remove the shock absorber to erect, and connect the bottom loop on the clampin the vise, pull pressure damping Rod several times at these stable resistance, pull up the resistance should be greater than the downward pressure of resistance, such as unstable or drag resistance, shock absorber oil starvation or valve parts may be damaged, repair or replacement of parts should be carried out.

In determining the shock absorber has a problem or failure, you should see if theshock absorber leaks oil or with traces of old oil spill.

If the damper is not leaking, you should check whether Bush has damaged, unsoldering, cracking or shedding it. If above check normal, is should further decomposition shock absorbers, check piston and cylinder tube between of tie clearance whether had big, cylinder tube has no pulled injury, valve sealed whether good, valve flap and valve seat fitting whether closely, and shock absorbers of done spring whether had soft or broken, according to check shock absorbers connection pin, and connection rod, and connection hole, and rubber, and situation take repair mill or for pieces of approach repair.

In addition, the shock absorbers in the actual use of beep fault occurs, this is mainly due to the shock absorber collide with the leaf springs, frame, or axis, cushion deformation damage or loss and shock absorbers, dustproof, oil causes such as inadequate, the reasons should be identified and repaired.

Check shock absorbers in the repair work should be carried out on a special test rig test, when the frequencies of resistance at 100 ± 1mm, its resistance shall conform to the provisions of the access to stroke and compression stroke, indicating normal shock absorbers.

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